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Special Education Teacher
Title:Special Education Teacher
Department:New Pathways Academy

Job Summary:

This position will serve as a full-time, regularly scheduled New Pathways Academy Teacher as needed to fulfill teaching standards by the state and Agency requirements.   The teacher will apply appropriate lesson plans according to the individual educational needs of at-risk adolescents residing at residential facility. Will plan individual and group educational experiences, develop students’ critical thinking skills, supervise students, and complete all required paperwork.  Availability will be as-needed for year-round classes. This position may be part of ratio during business hours as needed for youth/staff ratio compliance and in ratio for emergency/crisis situations as assigned by management

Essential Functions:

  1. To give full, willing and helpful cooperation in carrying out all reasonable instructions or extra assignments which are given by the principal before, after and during the school day.
  2. Teach courses and be available to provide instruction at New Pathways Academy (year-round) in the areas assigned by the Principal.
  3. Provide behavior management for the students as well as be part of the behavior management team of the school.  Follow behavior management plan adopted by the school and residential facilities.   This position may be part of ratio during business hours as needed for youth/staff ratio compliance and in ratio for emergency/crisis situations as assigned by management.
  4. Develop students’ critical thinking skills through the use of materials and hands-on teaching; provide various methods of teaching that will effectively meet the needs of individual students.
  5. Determine the individual needs of the students through educational assessments and adaptation of materials.
  6. Create lessons as needed and provide instruction based on curriculum guidelines established by the Tennessee Department of Education.
  7. Complete all paperwork including grading student assignments.
  8. Maintain a professional demeanor while interacting with fellow school personnel, agency staff, students and their family members. Attend and contribute to school treatment team meetings, school staff meetings, and mandatory staff meetings.
  9. Follow state and local course of study, follow rules and regulations of the state and policies of the school and the Florence Crittenton Agency, and follow school rules and policies established by the Principal.
  10. Establish and maintain satisfactory, respectful working relationships within the school environment.
  11. Other duties as assigned by principal.

Job Qualifications:

Bachelors or Masters degree in Education; certified Teacher by the State of Tennessee; experience working in a school setting with at-risk youth preferred.  Special Education certification a plus.

  • All teachers shall be licensed in accordance with state law and the regulations of the Tennessee State Department of Education.  Such license shall be on file in the office of the Principal and Human Resources prior to beginning employment
  • It is the responsibility of the employee to secure a certificate and to maintain its validity.  If a teacher’s certificate has lapsed or otherwise become invalid, the teacher shall be notified of the course of action to be taken by agency, including possible suspension or termination.
  • All teachers shall demonstrate competency based on the current job assignment and performance standards as outlined in the appropriate state model for local evaluation
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Principal may find appropriate and acceptable

Physical Requirements (BFOQ):

  • Must be able to stand or sit for extended periods
  • Ability to stoop, squat, reach, and climb steps and stairs
  • Verbally communicate in English clearly and effectively
  • Possess adequate visual and auditory skills
  • Be capable of determining body language
  • Lift up to 25 pounds
  • Be physically capable of passing all aspects of Handle with Care (restraint) training and applying such methods should they become necessary
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