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Educational Assistant
Title:Educational Assistant
Department:New Pathways Academy

Job Summary:

The Educational Assistant is responsible for assisting in the coordination of residential and educational services and providing professional treatment and care to adolescents.   The position provides quality youth care and close supervision of adolescent clients in a residential and school setting.  In addition, this position is responsible for providing a range of residential support and skills, training services to adolescents, tracking and reporting on adolescent’s treatment and educational progress, and providing peer leadership. Individual is expected to work cooperatively in a teamwork environment. This position may be part of ratio during business hours as needed for youth/staff ratio compliance and in ratio for emergency/crisis situations as assigned by management.  This position is responsible for the direct supervision and safety of all residents while in school through consistent shift monitor. The Educational Assistant staff member promotes and enhances a client-centered and goal supportive environment at all times.



  1. Performs educational support and clerical duties for the New Pathways Academy, and selected staff. These duties include:
    1. Assists teachers in the classroom and other areas as needed, with educational process, to meet core curriculum standards and in meeting ratio standards, as determined by the State;  This position may be part of ratio during business hours as needed for youth/staff ratio compliance and in ratio for emergency/crisis situations as assigned by management
    2. Assists in supervising students in cafeteria, transport of students to/from classroom to cafeteria, other FCA facilities, gymnasium, GED transportation, meeting(s) for other appointments, etc.,as needed to maintain ratio and school standards;
    3. Enters data in Meals Plus ® Program to ensure that data is accurate, timely, and follows reporting standards as set forth with USDA regulations;   
    4. Transports students to off-site GED classes/testing as needed
    5.  Assists in assessments determined to be needed for meeting educational standards of the school (i.e. WRAT4, STAR, Kuder), and determines and schedules the ASVAB as needed; 
    6. Assists in pre/post testing processes to ensure quality delivery of services and in meeting educational guidelines; 
    7. Serves as a vocation mentor with students, as directed, ensuring that information/materials are readily available in specified areas of vocation
    8. Attend staff meetings, required trainings, etc.;
    9. Copy, prepare or compile materials as needed, to facilitate the educational process;
    10. Must report any concerns of possible illegal drug use or signs of abuse to Principal;
    11. Perform other duties as assigned.


  • High School diploma or GED
  • 6 months in an educational background preferred
  • Office management, organizational skills, computer and software knowledge, and skills including speed and accuracy. 
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks effectively and efficiently in a cooperative and pleasant manner. 

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to sit, stand, walk, or bend, as needed
  • Keen hearing and visual capabilities
  • Good command of English language and general communications skills
  • Ability to apply keyboarding skills for extended periods
  • Able to lift up to 25 pounds
  • (BFOQ:)  Be physically capable of meeting Handle with Care (restraint) requirements
  • (BFOQ:)  Have no health conditions that would prevent participation in restraint requirements
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